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Life Cycles

"Through Dad's Eyes"  by Robert Cardoza                                                                                                              

What Have We Learned?....Sleep- 1942…Global awareness is a small speck in the Realm of Life. Our future generations await a prolific beginning. Germany refines in militant power & economical stature…While Americans bask in the Good Life- Sleeping-Not aware of the horror that awaits. Uncle Sam is calling his troops to assembly instructing them to bring forward their talents with faith & prayerful hearts,For a deviant dictator threatens mankind….War spares no innocense.Back home letters pour in…frightened families experience Sleepless nights while others coin-side V-Day preservation.Which brings us back to ….  “What Have We Learned?”….Sleep - 2011.                 Being the youngest product of the Baby Boomers era,  I identify with this reading-  My Dad was at the Normandy landing...he never spoke about it...he said he was told to, "forget the past and focus on building your family"- that's just what he did....that's what they all did...Religious, reverant folks were plentiful with no hang-ups from clergy memebers...priests and ministers were accepted in every household.  Vacations, travel & family living were most prominent in these times..  to 'coin side' preservation??  Meant prepairng to carry on in postwar times....making money, working hard doing honest jobs, traveling the countryside on newly paved roads and highways proposed by FDR-  Wonder Bread was a product of the 40's.....being fortified and enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals for growing strong families...today it's an icon for the food industry....they gave their children what they never had.  So hang up your uniforms and helmets...and put on your "Sunday Best" to show the world you are at peace and ready to live as God intended and living the Great American Dream.

"Equating State of Mind" -by Robert Cardoza I study the urban development as I walk serenely on the shores of my hometown beach, waiting to hear a message of wisdom from my Maker... Systematic patterns "feng shui" my thought process, as I provocatively think of my soulmate in the city. The transpiring hustle and bustle of the city scapes dot the skyline, while the smog seems to be more lenient today... As I continue my journey along the shoreline, contemplating thoughts of my existence help me realize, "It's o.k. to be different...we are all unique"...God intended it that way. I now realize the message I eagerly waited to receive.... was nothing more than..."Good Morning".....I am Blessed !!

I know I'm High on Life when I'm "Flying"  (having a really Super Day)...I look down and notice....'Hey, there is no safety net below to catch me....but somehow, I stay aloft."

"Help me to live in the Present...and know that I am."

"I died a little today...but I lived while I was doing it."

"Don't live in Fear...rather Live in Faith"

"The hardest thing to learn is to unlearn what you've already learned....however, the most gradifying thing is learn a different approach"

"What worries me is the Probable, not the Inevitable"

"Life is like Proper Dress Codes....Proper Dress is Not always comfortable--but it IS about showing your 'Best Side'

                                                 Quotations by Bob


                     MIRROR IMAGES

                                        by Bob Cardoza

 I am but an image of my imagination

Who am I to have such an existence?

How many times have I scolded you in

Secrecy...Afraid to let others know??

Inadequacies lurk throughout my being

Reinforcing them to a built up patina.

However, I see another image in myself....

A positive light not of my own aura, but

Other peoples' perceptions of me...

Plus a higher light,  Godhead of His own kind

Suddenly, I am born to a new existence

Never to forget my past...never to forget my past...

A new face appears now

Have I seen light through the dark side?

Is this only a phase or have I been redeemed?

Poetry, bazaar wording describes the new me...

I am but a number...Why do I wish to be seen

And not heard?  Is this the mirror thing???

Jesus, you are in my existence

You've always been there, only 

Smoke-screened...I see all my ages past

I see other people....Dad, Mom, my siblings


I thought I was in charge of the man in the Mirror !!

Don't fret Bob, this is a good thing...

Now I see Martha !!! What's happened?

Now I close my eyes to the blackened.

Memory...which brings me home to myself....

So now I know the meaning of sleep.

Another day has past... 


                          by Bob Cardoza

The Media speaks "Protected Words" with Rosey,

Pastey PUT-ONS to keep out Actions

Listen to yesteryears' reaction....

The pain of today's youth does not control the world

although rightfully recognized...

Don't teaach your children what's wrong with the world,

As we see it,

Society is neither Male or Female, Black or White,

Gay or Striaght, Republican or Democrat, rich or poor,

Anti or Pro....

Rather,  Ageless in Time,

That Good, Honesty and Truth must be Paramount.