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My friends and family in candid shots

  Many of these senior men I've adopted as my 'surrogate Dads'...we have coffee every morning together...a great bunch of guys !!

Vinnie Gianfreddo in his flower garden (Sold)

Teddy Mero in Newport, RI (NFS)

Brother Al on his Sailboat (Sold)

Pasquale Ricciardi......nicknamed him 'Methusela'...he's 103 this July...Great Guy ! He says he's starting at one year old now...LOL (Sold)

Memo Simone in McDonald's (Sold)

The Happy Friar ($45)

Bailey w/ his "Dad" (NFS)

"How Sweet it Is!!! "

It took 9 years to prepare and 3 days to paint

Also $70

Give Thanks

My good friend...Jack Hynes....RIP Hynzie.....love, Bob