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"My Friends' links"   My fellow artists deserve patronizing....please take some time to visit LINKS BELOW

"I have frequented these links from time to time only to browse.... They have become important ties to my works, affiliations with other people, and inhancement to my identity as an artist."  Bob  Laughing

        Feature Showcase  

Ethan Allen Greenwood....(1779-1856) self-portrait original...this oil by Bob Cardoza 1/2010....this fellow was from Hubbardston, MA....he was a lawyer and later an accomplished artist and museum director/museum founder...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethan_Allen_Greenwood...

Johnathan Brooks  (1823)... Original by James Frothingham (1786-1864)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Frothingham  ~12/2010 by Bob Cardoza~ Johnathan resembles the likes of "Icabod Crane" from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"  .........Both paintings I painted for my best bud, Teddy....EA Greenwood was a Christmas present and Icabod was a late birthday gift.



Kathy is a good friend who deserves recognition....she has great imagination and articulates her style into every one of her paintings....physically handicapped in her 20's does not let Kathy slow her down....she has great spirit and loves life....please,  give her site a visit...you'll be glad you did !!



Susan was the founder of "ART XII"an artists' group for women...her drive to bring her art to life is a passion for her style..."INSTALLATION ARTIST" of Recycled products

Burl is brand new to me....met him @ WAM 10/2010....we talked, exchanged website addresses and the rest is history....He is SSSOOO  Worthy to be part of my artworld....Welcome Burl !!
 Maria is another acquaintence from WAM whose artistic knowledge of creativety is taken to a higher level....check this one out !! Maria founded Zentangles and I found her to be a very interesting artist.....

The Artists Finest Choice

A real talent from a woman of great insight...Penelope is a caring  individual who tactfully paints with soft tones to bring a 'Monet style' to her canvas...she has been painting all her life with great enthusiasm...her zest for painting is her life.

Worcester Art Museum is one of Worcester's best culture developer...pioneered in the 1800"s, WAM has opened the doors to many, many famous artists...come visit the galleries, you'll be surprised what you will find...Worcester Art Museum ---- "WHERE ART CELEBRATES LIFE"

I studied Tai Chi under Sifu Stan Tabor...he is a Grand Champion is China ... someone to be reckoned with...an interesting sport...                                                               "One can do Tai Chi as long as one can do Tai Chi"

Introduced her artwork from a friend's aquaintance...spectacular work Charlotte

Andy is a commercial artist and a fine friend....also a co-worker...check out his site !!