Oil Paintings

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From 1992 -2016

Oil Medium was my primary style before painting with watercolor....I studied oil portrait painting when my father died...I am a realistic painter with not much tolerance for many other genres, however I do have an appreciation  and respect for a good abstract.

My Dad--NFS

I painted this picture shortly after my father's passing....it helped me deal with my father's death...this picture was originally from their 50th Wedding Anniversary...Dad was 76....

My Mom--NFS

Irene here was painted from the anniversary picture, however the painting wasn't produced until her 80th birthday.....Look'in good Ma!

My Best Friend--NFS

Teddy....what can I say for a man of very few words, although not afraid to speak his mind....this picture captures the true essence of his quiet stature....painted when he was 82 in the summer of '07...Love you Pal

Plein Air- Town Line Dairy Farm...$100

No longer a dairy farm, but a horse farm....painted onsite....


When I first began painting,  I gave away my pictures to friends and family....when I paint, I am very selective of the subject matter to which I still am today...this one I am fond of

Jeremy & Minnie--SOLD

These two guys started my first love affair with cats....they won over my heart and I was with them until their last day....One lived to 15....the other 18....the best !!   Meow Power !!!

Rev. Michael P. Bafaro--SOLD

Not only was I employed by Fr. Mike for 16 years, he was our Pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish...I was commissioned to paint his picture for his 40th Anniversary of his Ordination.....God Bless You Dom Miguel !! 


I am very selective of my paintings...subject matter is very important to me...I like nature, outdoors and wildlife as you can see, my Friday... at 20 years old

A Prayer for Al ...(oil original)--SOLD

I dedicated this picture for my friend Albert, of whom I struggled for my own peace as I produced this painting, he entered to a new life eternal...May God keep you in His hands Al....I miss you my friend !!!

"Ole Faithful"---NFS

My Boy, FRIDAY...I painted this picture from a favorite photograph of him...Regretfully, He passed away at 1 month into his 21st year...He was a real joy and made me very happy.  He got his name from being so adventurous....Thank you Friday for being part of my life !!